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Shower Foot Fuck

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There’s really nothing much to do in the shower or while taking a bath. After you soap each other up and fucked against the wet tiles, you’re left with a lot of time to explore each other’s body. Just like Greg and Cindy here who started exploring each other with their feet. Before long, Cindy is wrapping her pedicured feet around Greg’s shaft and with the help of a little bath gel, she pumps his cock hard.

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Rita’s Seduction

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Rita is the silent type – you know, the hot girl who just sits quietly near the window in your class. She really doesn’t talk much because this gorgeous babe would rather act on things than talk. So when she wants a man, she just doesn’t tell him – she shows him just how much. She dressed in her favorite animal print thongs and black stockings with knee-high boots. If that still doesn’t catch your attention, her wet shaven pussy definitely would.

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Marie Shows Off

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Marie could just be Mandy Moore’s twin with her pretty angelic face and gorgeous blond hair. She’s also very tall and has that fabulous teen body – small tits and smooth flawless skin. But what really sets Marie apart from all the other hot girls is her perfect long legs. They are just so beautiful to look at – even more when she’s spreading wide to show off her cotton panties.

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Pool Pounded Preggo

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Jenna is one scheming babe and she got pregnant to make sure that she keeps her man. What she didn’t expect though is that she might not get all the sex she wants and the cum she need to have one healthy baby. So she connives to have her neighbor watching her when she takes an outdoor bath in just her panties with her pregnant belly bulging out. Before long, Jenna has all the cock she ever wants.

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Bookworm Betty

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What’s so sexy about bookworm babes is that they seem to be so innocent and virginal underneath those thick black-rimmed glasses. Just look at Betty here. You’d think that all she ever does is study and read books but this curvaceous babe has one sexy fetish – she loves wet panties. She just can’t help but be aroused everytime she sees a piece of skimpy lace undies and can’t help but cum when she starts licking her own pussy juices.

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Faye Foot Fucks

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Faye is a hot blonde babe with many blonde hottie friends but her bestfriend is Jamie, another long-haired blonde. They were just hanging out in Faye’s living room when she noticed Jamie’s new pedicure. Before long, Faye is licking Jamie’s toes and rubbing Jamie’s foot all over her tits. The friends then stripped to finally foot fuck each other’s shaven slit.

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Patty’s Panties

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There’s nothing like the smell of sex to remind you of a hot hard fuck. So when Patty wanted to play with her pussy, she took off her wet panties and started sniffing her white cotton undies. She just can’t help but lick her pussy juices when they smelled so sweet and when it was time for her to cum, she had to bite her panties to keep from shouting out loud.

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Leggy Laura

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When it comes to women, you usually choose between nice legs, full tits or plump ass. Well, when it comes to Laura, you wouldn’t have to choose for she has all of them. This tall blonde has the sexiest pair of legs plus great ass and tits. But its Laura’s legs that you’d love most because it’s between them that you’d like to see when she’s pumping her pussy with a dildo.

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Wilma Wants Cock

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When it comes to pregnant women, you really don’t have a choice but to follow whatever it is that they want. If they want cock, you have to give it to them and they want cum, you really have to deliver. Wilma here knows about that and so she takes advantage by making her husband take out his cock for her to suck and drill her pussy with.

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Playing Dress Up

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Rita and Sandra just love to play dress up and this time, these two blonde babes decided to play the slutty seductress. Rita helps Sandra put on a long blonde wig but Sandra’s wig got caught on Rita’s skimpy black thong. Of course, Sandra had to help Rita out and soon these blonde hotties are making out.

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