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MistressAlexisR Showing Off Her Spanking Toys

In this update, we have a hot domme in leather outfits showing off her toys. MistressAlexisR is into all sorts of kinky fetishes, but the thing that turns her on most is watching her submissives submit their asses for a spanking.

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Nicole Sheridan Spanking Punishment

Is there anything hotter than having your ass spanked by a beautiful blonde domme like Nicole Sheridan? You’ll be watching this hot dominatrix punish a sexy submissive with a good glove hand spanking.

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Hot Submissive Surrenders For a Spanking

What’s better than a kinky lezdom scene with two hot pornstars having a nice erotic spanking session. Taylor St Claire is the pretty domme with big boobs, giving her submissive partner Coral Sands a good spanking.

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More of Ass Spanked Meg

More of Ass Spanked Meg  More of Ass Spanked Meg

Meg is so hot that I decided one post is not enough to do her justice. I can’t just forget how Meg loved the spanking she got. She would even wiggle her ass every now and then and her pussy was so wet, I wonder if she ever came just from having her ass spanked.

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Hand Caned Naughty Meg

Hand Caned Naughty Meg Hand Caned Naughty Meg

Meg is such a naughty girl, going to school without panties and even masturbating in class. Of course, her boyfriend was more than angry when he found out and this naughty babe sure got one hell of spanking while she played with her juicy cunt.

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John’s Punishment Continues

John’s Punishment Continues John’s Punishment Continues

I know you’re aching to know more about what happened to Rita and her cheating boyfriend. Well, it seems that John’s punishment is far from over and both girls are becoming more and more creative – using their big brush as a paddle for John’s sore ass.

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Cheating Boyfriend Gets Ass Punished!

Cheating Boyfriend Gets Ass Punished!! Cheating Boyfriend Gets Ass Punished!!

Imagine how angry Rita was when she walked in on her cheating boyfriend. She wanted to spank them both but decided that her cheating boyfriend deserves it more. These two babes then teamed up and had his bare ass red in no time.

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Ass Spanked Trisha

Ass Spanked Trisha Ass Spanked Trisha

At first, I didn’t understand why Trisha liked getting into trouble… but when I found out that she gets a spanking every time she angers her boyfriend, I understood. I saw how Trisha’s panties got so wet every time her little bottom gets punished.

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School Punishment

3a.jpg 3b.jpg

Little girls just have to learn their lessons and if they don’t want to, then they’ll just have to learn hard. Cindy has been a very naughty student all day, posing and flashing at school and distracting her professors. Even when she was called to the principal’s office, this feisty babe still had the guts to tease the principal. Of course, the principal knows just how to handle girls like Cindy and before long, he has her on his lap and spanking her cotton-clad bottom.

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