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Becky’s Afraid

Becky’s Afraid Becky’s Afraid

Becky was a little scared about giving birth. She was afraid of the pain and she’s afraid that delivering the baby’s going to tear her tight black pussy. We offered to help her by exercising her pussy with our cock so that she’s sure her cunny’s stretched wide and ready for her baby. She sure was thankful and even loved it when we sprayed her big pregnant tummy with cum.

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Playing with Food

Playing with Food Playing with Food

Jamie here loves fruit and we bring her some everytime we see her. It’s not like we want her to stay healthy though we do. It’s more of seeing how this girl has her fruits that keeps us going back to her house and bringing her more. Jamie likes to play with her food and when we brought her some peaches, she quickly had it all over her feet and lovely red toes.

Sexy brunette plays food on her sexy toes!

Tess At the Clinic

Tess At the Clinic Tess At the Clinic

Tess never fails to amaze us and this blonde babe is out for one more surprise. We followed her for her yearly check up and we thought that we’d find nothing special. When this hot blonde started stripping though, she was wearing one smoking one lace lingerie in red. She was the very devil when she naughtily got on her knees and stuck her fingers in her ass.

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Patricia’s not a Prude

Patricia’s not a Prude Patricia’s not a Prude

Patricia here works in one of those office where you have to wear really boring outfits. That is why this blonde babe can’t wait to get home and strip off so that she could enjoy her velvet skin and show off some skin. She loved showing off so much, she was already spreading her gorgeous long legs for us.

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Alison’s Strategy

Alison’s Strategy Alison’s Strategy

Alison’s boyfriend is away for internship and she’s stuck all alone at home. She eagerly calls up her man and starts saying naughty things. She wanted to make him miss her so much that he’d decide to go home but things took a detour when it was her who started feeling horny. Soon enough, this hottie was rubbing her panty-clad pussy and showing off her wet center.

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At Olive’s Office

At Olive’s Office At Olive’s Office

Olive’s office require proper clothing at work. It means that Olive can’t show off too much skin and can’t wear slutty clothes which she really likes. But this babe is resourceful though for she wears short skirts in the office and pairs it off with some black stockings. She’s not showing skin right? But when this hottie is all alone, she’s quick to show us some and even more.

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Panty Party

Panty Party Panty Party

Slumber parties are our favorite thing. We never back out on a slumber party invitation for we know that we’d see a lot of hot babes in their underwear. Plus, they are all very relaxed you could even ask them to take off their bra and just leave their wet panties on – with their camel toes clearly outlined.

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Henry’s Demonstration

Henry’s Demonstration Henry’s Demonstration

Fucking a pregnant woman is not that easy, just ask our guy Henry here. You would have to be extra careful when you start sliding your dick into a preggo’s slick love tunnel but you have to fuck her hard enough so that you have one pleased preggy whore. We were a little confused at first and asked for a demonstration which Henry was more than willing to give.

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Mandy’s Thankful

Mandy’s Thankful Mandy’s Thankful

Buying Mandy some lingerie was probably the best thing we ever did. When we gave her some sexy lingerie, she was so happy that she decided to wear nothing else but what we bought for her around the house. She was strutting around in her pink lace lingerie when she spotted us and as her way of thanking us, she spread and started massaging her shaven cunny.

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Approving Allie

Approving Allie Approving Allie

Allie has just been invited to go to the beach and she sure was excited. She bought a bikini right away and tried it on for her boyfriend. It seems like Allie got her boyfriend’s approval when he could take his eyes off Allie’s hot body. He was so pleased he started kissing Allie and started with her dainty perfect feet.

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